Jam's & Jellies

Rubber Ducky Country Market offers a delightful array of artisanal jams, jellies, preserves, and marmalades, each crafted with the freshest ingredients sourced from local harvests. The selection celebrates the traditional methods of preservation, ensuring every jar is filled with homemade goodness and a touch of nostalgia.

Jams: Bursting with chunks of ripe, succulent fruit, Rubber Ducky’s jams are a blend of seasonal favorites and unique flavor combinations. From classic strawberry to exotic elderberry, each jam is simmered to a perfect consistency, capturing the essence of the fruit at its peak of flavor.

Jellies: Clear and sparkling, the jellies are made with the purest fruit juices, offering a smooth spread that's both sweet and tangy. Perfect for pairing with fresh bread, pastries, or as a glaze for meats, Rubber Ducky’s jellies are a versatile pantry staple.

Preserves: With whole or large pieces of fruit enveloped in a soft jelly, the preserves retain the fruit's natural texture and shape. They're ideal for a hearty breakfast spread, dessert toppings, or even as a sweet addition to a cheese board.

Marmalades: Traditionally made with citrus fruits, Rubber Ducky’s marmalades offer a bittersweet tang that’s both refreshing and invigorating. The rind of the fruit adds a delightful bite and complexity to the spread, making it an adventurous choice for those who enjoy a zesty flavor profile.

All of Rubber Ducky’s products are made with care, ensuring that each jar has a homemade feel that's true to its roots. Whether you're looking for something sweet to start your day, a perfect pairing for your cooking, or simply a delightful treat, Rubber Ducky’s selection has something for everyone.

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